NOTICE: Waltham Forest Federate Network Limited would like to invite you to attend our new “drive through clinic”.  The clinic will be held at ST. JAMES MEDICAL PRACTICE, 47 ST. JAMES STREET, E17 7NH. (CAR PARK ENTRANCE ON BRUNNER ROAD, E17 7NW) on Saturday mornings between 10am – 1pm.

The following process will be followed for patients attending the above clinic:

  • Administrator will request the registration number of the car you will be travelling in at time of booking.  You will then be given a time of arrival for your appointment.
  • You will be called prior to your appointment to confirm that you have NO COVID symptoms (this will also apply to anyone you may be driving you to your appointment)
  • Patient will be asked to bring yellow book to their appointment as per usual process along with a pen to record results in.
  • Photographic ID must also be brought to your appointment.
  • You will arrive travelling by car at given time ONLY
  • Patient must NOT exit the car at any point whilst on site, no toilet facilities will be available.
  • When you arrive at the main gate, you SHOULD NOT lower windows until asked to do so by the Nurse
  • On arrival into the Car Park area show your yellow book and ID against the car window, you will then be directed to your Warfarin testing car park space.
  • Windows SHOULD REMAIN CLOSED and only lowered when prompted to by the Nurse
  • The Nurse will ask you to present your finger out of the car window, and Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitising Gel will be applied prior to your finger prick test.
  • Nurse verbally doses patient and will ask you to record the results into your yellow book (Nurse will visually check this is correct).  Please do let the Administrator know at the time of booking if you are unable to record your own results.
  • Nurse will also provide you with time and date for your next appointment.
  • Patient closes car window and exits site.

Please contact your Administrator, Zakia on 020 8298 6491 who will be happy to change your next planned appointment for one at the drive through clinic.

Our nurse-led service provides advice and dose recommendation for patients taking oral anticoagulants (e.g. warfarin). Nurses provide dosing advice to patients based on the results of the latest blood test (called INR), unless they are just starting medication, whereupon there is a need to firstly establish the therapeutic range. We consider risk factors like other medication and treatment and rely on the most up to date information about the patient when advising them. We are happy to advise carers and relatives if this is the best way of ensuring the patient receives the correct dose.

The service includes domiciliary visits to housebound patients for testing and management of their warfarin. Referrals to the service are made via the Whipps Cross Anticoagulation Team and to book in for your next appointment call 020 8298 6491.

The five hubs which offer anticoagulation appointments are:


Handsworth Medical Practice

Handsworth Avenue, Highams Park, E4 9PD

Tuesday: 16.00pm - 18.30pm
Saturday: 10.00am - 13.00pm

Car Parking: LIMITED

Addison Road Medical Practice

46 Ravenswood Road, London, E17 9LY

Saturday: 09.00am - 14.00pm

Car Parking: YES

Triangle House Medical Centre

2 - 8 Harrow Road, Leytonstone, E11 3QF

Saturday: 10.00am - 13.00pm

Car Parking: YES

Orient Practice

Oliver Road Polyclinic, 1st Floor, 75 Oliver Road, Leyton, E10 5LG

Wednesday: 15.30pm - 17.30pm

Car Parking: LIMITED

St James Medical Centre (Drive Thru)

47 St James Street, Walthamstow, E17 7NH (CAR PARK ENTRANCE ON BRUNNER ROAD)

Saturday: 10.00am - 13.00pm

Car Parking: YES